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I , Sylvia had the most busy , very busy Weekend! First my grandparents ,Tom and Jayne came for the Weekend . They went to my cousins baptism , not ours grandpa Tom was not feeling good , but grandma Jayne was counting how many times I could hit the ball with the pattel- ball. Caleb & Lucas ,Olivia  came over with there parents, one day and the other day. Landon &  Taylin  had a sleep-over at our house . On Sunday where the baptisms as I told you about ,me and my Pa spelautomater online kan det racka med casino online en enda satsad krona och det kan forandra hela ens liv. family had too leave Olivias casino online baptism early because we had to go to set-up. I saw my friend Abbey we casino online where trying to make sure the Dads don”t see us. All of my cousins went online casino to Groupies. They seemed to like it. Afterwards we went to YUM ! From our other grandma and grandpa ,Carol &Dave,gave us money for the GUMBALL-MASHINE. After that we sayed our good-byes ,all went home. The next day we went to the grave- yard & went on a picnic in the car because it was to cold , & watched the air- planes take- off  and land. I had a Sand- which and Cheese- puffs brownie.

good- bey 

love, sylvia